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StopAllerG has changed my life for the better. I have been suffering from allergies since a few years and the bouts of rapid sneezing has made my life difficult. It was embarrassing for me. But StopAllerG gave me instant relief.
- Aaron Pereira, Goa
My 5 year old son often has allergies during the seasonal changes. He has a lot of trouble with a runny nose and watery eyes. I found myself very helpless as a mother, as I could not help my child. A colleague suggested StopAllerG as she was happy using the same for her daughter. I made my son try StopAllerG and it gave him instant relief. I was so relieved to see him in his usual chirpy self.
- Nimisha Vichare, Mumbai.
I don’t step out of the house without StopAllerG now. This is one thing that has made my life easy. StopAllerG is amazing as it provides instant relief from itchy throat, watery eyes and a runny nose.
- Chandrima Das, Pune